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At Baby Botanica, a group of highly trained and experienced care professionals use their hands, hearts and heads to provide resources to individuals of any age, from newborns to new parents to seniors. Come join us!


Our care professionals provide specific techniques according to your preference and needs. Our massage services include (but are not limited to): prenatal and postpartum, women’s wellness, breast or chest tissue, and new babies.


You are welcome to join our experienced chiropractic practitioner to ease temporary or chronic pain, to relieve the strain of carrying a newborn or toddler, and to help you meet your goals.

For adults, children of all ages and pregnant people. 

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

During Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy (PT), a Doctor of PT helps to relieve pregnancy pain, reduce vaginal pressure and gain bladder control to prepare you for, and help you recover from, childbirth. Aside from a focus on issues around childbirth,  this holistic PT is for women of any age with any pelvic health conditions.


By sharing and learning together we are able to feel braver, stronger, wiser, kinder and better informed.


Baby, Oh Baby!
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