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Life & Career Coach

Coaching is a professional partnership designed to help you take action and get the results you want. In some ways, coaching sessions resemble counseling sessions because there is a strong supportive element, but it’s different from counseling in that our focus will be on supporting you as you proactively make changes in your life rather than on supporting you through an emotional healing process. We will not engage in therapy; we will work together to address any obstacles keeping you from achieving your goals. At Baby Botanica, we think you will find the coaching process to be a warm, empowering process that will leave you feeling confident, capable, and courageous.

Christine Walker

As a wife, mother of four, certified Life and Career Coach, and Couples Counselor-In-Training, I know firsthand just how complicated life can be for parents. I also believe most parents are far more capable than they give themselves credit for, and it’s my goal to help you develop the confidence you need to create the life of your dreams one tiny step at a time.

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By sharing & learning together, we are able to feel braver, stronger, wiser, kinder & better informed.


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