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Esthetics & Healing Arts Services

We know you need time to relax, recharge, and add some sparkle for yourself! Utilizing skincare with clean ingredients safe for everyone (including pregnant and nursing people), Reiki, energy enhanced facials, crystals, and reflexology, we can help you feel held and nurtured during a beautiful, much-deserved break. Offerings include:

Energy Balance Facial – 90 min

Balance your skin as well as the energy within.  The focus is on hydration, detoxification, and energizing the skin. The vibrational charge of the crystals within the mask interact with the molecules of the skin helping to balance and energize. An energy balancing treatment during the mask brings balance to the whole body and mind.  The overall result is a bright, lifted completion and an overall feeling of well being. Book if you’re looking for Glowing Skin~Quiet Mind. 

Custom Facial – 60 min

Whether you have a specific skin concern or if you’re simply looking to have time to relax, we will create a sense of calm and look of rejuvenation to the skin. Expect glowing, hydrated skin as well as a calmed mind and body.

Energy Balance Session – 60 min

Your custom energy session begins with a few minutes of dialogue about your energy at that moment and how you’d like to feel after the session. We will begin by connecting to your energy and tuning in to the energies that would best bring your body into a more balanced state. We scan the body from the tip of the toes to the top of the head to create a shift that is palpable. After the session is complete we will talk about anything seen and/or felt, and ways you can keep up your shift afterwards. (We recommend drinking lots of water before and after the session to help with integration of the energy and move anything that needs to be released.)

Reflexology- 60 min

Enjoy a full body and mind reset with the ancient practice of Reflexology. Specific points on the feet are stimulated which sends a message to the brain, that in turn sends a message to that specific body part, organ, or system to de-stress. We’ll spend forty minutes on reflexology exclusively, and an extra twenty minutes of relaxing foot massage. 

Mom Needs a Break Massage” – 45 min

This lovely massage concentrates on a few of the areas that hold a lot of tension from breastfeeding, carrying baby, and doing it all! We will address the arms, hands, neck, shoulders, and scalp exclusively to melt away stress and hit the reset button. Feel free to doze off during the session, you could use the rest!

Facial Threading

Threading is an ancient form of hair removal. It is completely natural and can be done on even the most sensitive skin including brows, lip, chin and full face.

Vanessa Love

Vanessa is a mother, gifted natural healer, intuitive energy practitioner, and holistic esthetician. Over the years she has studied multiple forms of energy work and skincare, through which she has curated a beautiful toolbox of interests and modalities to create her personal “energy apothecary.” From this, she pulls the customized “energy Rx” that best suits her client! Vanessa particularly enjoys working with mompreneurs and women on their motherhood journey.

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Sundays 11am-4pm

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