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Taylor Hickman

As a trained visual artist working her way to a degree in mental health counseling, Taylor views birth and life through a mental health lens and hopes to bring trauma informed preventive methods to her work.

Taylor’s fine arts background allows her to engage health and well being through a creative, playful and intimate lens.

Through work in northern Malawi, supporting young girls in reproductive health and empowerment, Taylor’s dedication to the well being of young women, girls, and children across the gender binary has blossomed greatly in the past few years. As a Birth Arts International certified postpartum doula – Taylor is very interested in the ritual of moments that make up life – and how we bring ourselves, and others, to their fullest potential – something she is hoping to explore with birthing people, babies and families.

Currently, Taylor works to support and counsel high school students who are anticipated parents. Taylor believes there is a relationship to be recognized between a child’s overall well-being, and their ability to create, freely and safely. She works to engage her students to better understand themselves through craft, observation, tactile play, and language. Through postpartum and counseling work, Taylor hopes to elevate and support the lives of babies, and young birthing folks specifically those of color and within the LGBTQIA+ community.


By sharing & learning together, we are able to feel braver, stronger, wiser, kinder & better informed.


Baby, Oh Baby!
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