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Selene Kaye

selene kaye

During the week, I work at the ACLU as Deputy Political Director and Director of the Liberty Division, overseeing the ACLU’s nationwide political advocacy work to advance reproductive freedom, LGBTQ equality, gender justice, disability rights, and religious liberty. I joined the ACLU in 2007, managed the ACLU’s National Marriage and LGBTQ Equality Campaigns from 2010 to 2018, and have worked on a range of other efforts to advance racial and economic justice.

Prior to joining the ACLU, I worked at Safe Horizon, a social service agency that provides support, prevents violence, and promotes justice for survivors of domestic violence, their families, and communities. I holds a B.A. from Harvard University and a M.S.W. from Columbia University, and trained as an organizer with Green Corps, Field School for Environmental Organizing.

I live in Dobbs Ferry with my husband and two munchkins, ages 2 and 3-1/2. I met Jeni in 2017 after we moved to Westchester and were expecting our second baby. Jeni’s coaching and guidance helped us navigate a complicated time in our lives, and paved the way for a swift and rather remarkable birth. I love being a mama and connecting with others around the breathtaking and daunting experience of fertility, pregnancy, birth, and parenting.


By sharing & learning together, we are able to feel braver, stronger, wiser, kinder & better informed.


Baby, Oh Baby!
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