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Megan O’Connor

Megan studied at the Midwifery Institute of Philadelphia University (now Thomas Jefferson University). She has offered birth care both in hospital and at home.

Like most home birth midwives, she exercises her full scope of practice in offering lactation and newborn care, taking a special interest in the associated musculoskeletal and functional complaints. Her office practice includes both routine and problem gynecology; pelvic health evaluation; and primary care. She incorporates both standard and complementary care approaches in order to appropriately serve a broad swath of patients, regardless of individual health philosophy. Megan became a Licensed Massage Therapist after graduating from the Swedish Institute in 2003. She is deeply pleased to be able to offer therapeutic bodywork and midwifery-informed classes at Baby Botanica.

In addition to massage, Megan is a lactation counselor at Baby Botanica. Megan came to lactation support by happy necessity when she transitioned from the hospital-based midwifery space into the homebirth world, where comprehensive postpartum and lactation care are the standard. In addition to her specific training as a lactation counselor, her care is informed both by her clinical midwifery education and her extensive experience as a licensed massage therapist. Her background in light-touch techniques enables her to work with both babies and nursing parents to address feeding challenges. These include cranial, cervical, and oral restrictions in babies, as well as the problems of engorgement and plugged ducts. She also works with issues related to supply, infant weight gain, and latch. Clients appreciate her calm, straightforward manner and clear commitment to empowering parents to feel confident in their abilities to meet their baby’s needs.



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