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Lara Tabatznik

Lara is the co-founder of 42 Acres: urban and rural retreat spaces in the United Kingdom, dedicated to exploring connection – with nature, self, and others.

On her journey of inner-work and personal transformation, it became clear to her that true change comes from within. 

During her time of self-discover, Lara was privileged to both experience and witness how healing work can transform people. She felt a call to create dedicated homes for others to have these life-changing experiences.  A safe space for those with the desire to grow, dive deeper and actively engage with the world.

Lara dreams of combining her worlds of social change, self-realization and transformation –with a firm belief that when you allow yourself to go deeper inside, you can go further outside. 

She previously founded Bertha Foundation. The mission is to support activists, storytellers and lawyers who are working to bring about Social and Economic justice and Human rights for all.

Lara is currently on the board of Make Soil; a global movement where communities can make soil together. 

Lara is honored to be part of Baby Botanica. Jeni was Lara’s doula, supporting her in her most significant and beautiful life experience thus far. It feels like a privilege to be able to reciprocate and support Jeni in some capacity.


By sharing & learning together, we are able to feel braver, stronger, wiser, kinder & better informed.


Baby, Oh Baby!
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