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Katy Binder

I am a runner. I decided this at age 40 when my second daughter started preschool for a couple of hours a day. However, I quickly realized that it was much harder to start running without injury, especially after a lifetime of dealing with a chronic knee injury. With a community of support including a chiropractor and running coaches, I was able to safely find a new found passion for the sport. There is more to the story. It’s a story I sometimes share to inspire the next person to try something they never thought they could do. I am proof that these barriers we hold onto are meant to be shut down. 

I am a long distance runner. Not the fast kind. Just persistent. I never really understood what that meant. Persistence. I actually never truly understood the idea that working hard at something made you capable of doing it. That sounds obvious. Doesn’t everyone know this? Sure. Maybe. Hard work was not something I truly excelled at until I trained for my first half marathon and then my first full marathon. 

I have not gotten here alone. I have met and been encouraged by countless runners. Often with the statement “If I can do this, you can definitely do this.” In turn, I continue this by inspiring others to run and helping those runners achieve goals they never thought possible. 

I am also a certified endurance running coach through UESCA.

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