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Jeni Howe

jeni howe

Meet Jeni Howe, a professional doula and childbirth educator who recognized the need for a center that fosters community by serving all kinds of growing and evolving families

About Jeni Howe

Jeni Howe is a DONA certified doula and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) who gladly shares a commitment to healthy, fulfilling births with clients and their partners. Jeni draws upon evidence and current research, a passion for physiologic birth, a belief in informed decision making, and many years experience as a doula to provide Pre-Natal Birth Education, Birth Services and PostPartum Care. A doula’s support in childbirth is non-clinical, meaning there is a great deal of touch and care, but never internally or diagnostically. Contact Jeni to learn more about her services and Baby Botanica.

Kind words about Jeni

Jeni’s caring sprit and work as a doula has touched many throughout her journey in this field. Read Jeni’s full testimonials from her clients and families here.

Events, Classes & Workshops

Birthworker Meetup

Valentine’s Drop & Dine

Tea Tuesdays

Not-Quite-Tots Time

Story Time

Birth Education Refresh

Group Childbirth Education (labor, birth & the neonate)


Private Birth Education


By sharing & learning together, we are able to feel braver, stronger, wiser, kinder & better informed.


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