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Baby (4-16 months) Sleep Workshop

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This workshop will provide guidance and reassurance for parents who are wondering how to help their baby sleep better! This course is for you if: 

  • you are currently snuggling a 4-16 month old baby;
  • naps are short or non-existent, and only when baby is held or moving;
  • your baby has frequent night wakings; 
  • you want to gain a better understanding about your baby’s sleep capabilities and how to give them the rest they need; 
  • you want to establish a sleep schedule for naps and bedtime.

During this session, participants will gain an understanding of how biology, environment, and a baby’s stage of development can impact sleep. The presentation will include the following:

  • setting realistic sleep expectations for babies ages 4-16 months old
  • creating positive sleep associations and introducing a bedtime routine
  • establishing a nap schedule
  • how and when to wean off night-feedings
  • ways to encourage longer stretches of sleep
  • how to help an infant nap for other caregivers and in other location 
  • an overview of popular sleep training strategies will be provided with time devoted to answering questions

Please visit our schedule to register – you will get a confirmation email with Zoom link

Virtual Offering – August 15 – 12-2pm

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