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Illumina Slow Flow Yoga

On our meditative journey, we’ll aim to discover what it means to be a human being. Classes explore insights into the cycles and patterns our lives – all with an emphasis on femininity. This class is ideal for practitioners with a strong foundation and love to explore.


Yoga Nidra Guided Relaxation

Yoga Nidra is a powerful meditation technique that is one of the easiest yoga practices to begin. By being led through a guided meditation of what’s considered ‘rotation of consciousness’ or attention on one finite space of your body at a time, your consciousness enters a state before sleep aka “waking-sleep.” With the simplicity of […]


Vinyasa Yoga

Bre will bring you through a one-hour practice to restore your nervous system from everyday stress. You can expect an all-levels Vinyasa practice to connect mind and body, and that encourages strength, flexibility, and deep breathing techniques to begin or continue your mindfulness practice. This class will enable you to think clearly, sleep better, and […]


Prenatal and Postpartum Core, Strength & Stability

Led by Birthfit leader Jackie DeMayo, this series brings an introduction to breath and functional movement flows. You will learn how and why central core stability, diaphragmatic breath, and pelvic floor health are crucial. We will work on building a base of stability before adding in dynamic movements. These movements will build strength and support […]


Fertile Body & Mind Yoga

Heidi’s Fertile Body & Mind Yoga classes are dedicated to supporting anyone in their journey to conception. These classes are a proactive step towards your self-care at this time, giving your body the opportunity to become as fertile as possible while being mindful of supporting your heart and mind. The focus is on the whole […]


Run + Yoga Community

This community is for those looking for mindful guidance & community support to build or enhance their yoga & running practice. Start or continue a running practice that meets your needs and ability with supplemental care for the body with yoga. Beginners welcome! Running Coach, Katy Binder, will provide weekly virtual support with a plan […]


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a practice to support fascial & connective tissue release through passively held postures to increase mobility, relieve deeply held tension, and encourage a meditative mindset. This practice will adjust mood, postural patterns, sleep cycles, and rejuvenate body & mind. Please visit our schedule to register – you will get a confirmation email with […]


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