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Parenting Education

Nest Assured’s Bringing Baby Home: New Parent Education

Often referred to as the fourth trimester, our Nest Assured class will focus exclusively on the first three months of your baby’s life at home. Nest Assured is a class curated from Julie’s 15 years of observations of pre-natal and post-partum families. The class will better prepare newborn parents for the early weeks of parenting.


Breast Assured: Breastfeeding Education

Breastfeeding is the most natural connection in the world but it is not the most elementary. It takes time and patience and the confidence that you will gain in this class to reach your lactation goals.


Newborn & Infant (0-16 weeks) Sleep Workshop

This course is for you if:  you are currently snuggling a newborn (0-15 weeks) who won’t sleep anywhere but in your arms; you ae expecting your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th…child to arrive soon and want to have confidence in how to develop great sleep; you want to enjoy this newborn stage, and not just survive […]


Baby (4-16 months) Sleep Workshop

This workshop will provide guidance and reassurance for parents who are wondering how to help their baby sleep better! This course is for you if:  you are currently snuggling a 4-16 month old baby; naps are short or non-existent, and only when baby is held or moving; your baby has frequent night wakings;  you want […]


Baby, Oh Baby!
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