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Family Wellness

Trials & Tribulations of Fertility

Having a baby can be hard; no really, it can be a real problem for many couples out there. Infertility effects 1 out 8 women in our nation today, and the journey, although different for everyone, can be a very lonely one. Often it is difficult to discuss anything with people who haven’t been there. […]


It’s Never Too Late to Find Work You Love

It’s Never Too Late to Find Work You Love Do you feel like the work you trained for no longer fits the person you’ve become or the lifestyle you want? You’re not alone. Many parents find their values and priorities shift after having children, and it’s natural to contemplate a career change when that happens.  […]


Learning your Character Strengths

When you discover your greatest strengths, you learn to use them to handle stress and life challenges, become happier, and develop relationships with those who matter most to you. What are your strengths? Come learn more about what strengths you bring to the world. This is a drop-in feedback session for anyone. You will take […]


Homeopathy at Home

Learn basic homeopathic prescribing for what ails your family members this winter. We’ll explore homeopathic remedy “pictures” and indications for use of each remedy for ailments such as winter respiratory illnesses, stomach bugs, and earaches. You’ll be confident in your understanding of potency and dosage when you leave. Printed handouts available to use as a […]


Values, Connections and Shared Realities Workshop

This workshop will teach you self-reflection and communication skills that can be useful during any time of the year, but we thought it might be fun to host the first workshop at Baby Botanica around the holiday season since we know how much people might benefit trying on a different communication styles while we spend quality time with family and loved ones.


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