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Family Wellness

CPR for New & Expecting Parents

The completion of this CPR Life saving training provides two-year certification from the American Safety and Health Institute. New & Expecting parents will learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation, use of AED (automated external defibrillator) with a paper template provided via email, choking relief, and will give you the confidence needed in a medical emergency through comprehensive hands-on […]


Let’s Talk About Ticks: Everything You’d Like to Know About Lyme Disease & Its Friends

Join us for a complete talk on all things Lyme: risks & modes of transmission, typical symptoms (early and late stage), tick testing, current antibiotic and integrative/herbal therapies that work well, considerations during pregnancy & breastfeeding, and new research. Bambini Pediatric NP, Jen Lown, has experience treating infections in both children and adults and is […]


Quick Stretches for Working at Home (or at the office!)

Too much sitting has never been good for us, and lots of us are sitting more than ever during this pandemic. So let’s take a break from our busy schedules and do a quick workout to decompress right from your home office or at work! Virtual Offering: 4/6 12-1pm Please visit our schedule to register – […]


Posture & Home Office Ergonomics

“Pull your shoulder back and down, and sit up tall.” Do those nagging reminders ring in your head? What is good posture and how does it affect our health? Most of us are now working from home and, mostly, in homes that don’t have a desk or office chair. We are sitting at kitchen tables, […]


The Importance of Breathing Properly

Why is breathing so important? There’s more to it than getting oxygen into our bodies! Breathing involves so many different muscles and other anatomical structures, and when we breathe improperly, that can lead to symptoms we don’t expect: neck pain, headaches, back pain, weak core, weak pelvic floor, poor digestion, and more. Learn the anatomy […]


Reducing Common Aches & Pains During Pregnancy

We hear about the pregnancy glow and feeling more beautiful than ever when we are pregnant. But it’s not always so enjoyable! Even when we get past the first trimester, and the nausea and fatigue lessen, our changing bodies and growing bellies can lead to a whole new set of symptoms that aren’t always talked […]


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