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Virtual Offering: April 2, or April 8, or April 10 – 4-5pm

Learn everything there is to know about all your potential options surrounding birth and Covid-19


Virtual Offering: April 7 12-1pm

What is good posture and how does it affect our health? Most of us are now working from home and, mostly, in homes that don’t have a desk or office chair.


Virtual offering: April 7, 2020 7:30-8:30pm

Join us for a complete talk on all things Lyme


Virtual Offering: April 9, 7-8pm

Learn what every expecting person should be doing during pregnancy to get their pelvic floor ready to birth.


Virtual Offering: April 15, or May 13 – 1-2:30pm

There has been a movement helping people to break away from the “small talk” we all know well.


Virtual Offering: April 25 or May 9 – 12-2pm

Gain an understanding of how biology, environment and an infant’s stage of development can impact sleep.


Baby, Oh Baby!
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