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Happy Holidays & New Year from my family at home to our Baby Botanica family! Next time I write, we will be in 2020! Wow, a new year and a new decade…  This past year has brought an extraordinary amount of change and joy, and also, because life is life and time is time, some […]


Teaching young children about giving during the holidays is all well and good until your two-year-old daughter is desperately shoving all her toys into her Barbie suitcase and cramming it under her crib as you manically yell “Giving feels so good inside! Try it! Just one toy!” over her wailing and Christmas carols. (True story.)  […]


The above photo is actual footage of my concept of self-care: three humans and one dog wanting my attention while I blissfully sleep I have set about writing a blog concerned with self-care, with one immediate hurdle to overcome: I loathe the term “self-care.” And, in fact, I am not so great at the actual […]


So, I didn’t build a ball field because a) I’m pretty sure there are several in the area and b) Kevin Costener/Ray already did that successfully in the late 80s. And I like to pave my own way.  But I did build a home away from home for growing and evolving families in Putnam, Westchester, […]


In one week, Baby Botanica will open its doors to the community at our Grand Opening event! Guests will include families from New York and Connecticut, former and future birth clients, childbirth education students, care and wellness professionals, dear friends and families, and strangers I cannot wait to know who will arrive with friends, parents, […]


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