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Birth Education

I am a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE), with additional training in several other birth & postpartum education models including Spinning Babies and hypnosis techniques. I will gladly share my commitment to healthy, fulfilling births with you. My in-person or virtual private classes allow us to focus on the hopes, concerns, and questions of your family’s unique pregnancy, birth setting, and life with baby postpartum.

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Drawing upon evidence and current research, a passion for physiologic birth, a strong commitment to informed decision making, and my experience as a doula, I provide 8-9 hours of private birth education to birthing people and their partners.

Divided into 2-3 sessions or one lengthier day, my class allows expecting parents to schedule their birth education for a time convenient to them, in an intimate setting, tailored to their particular hopes for and circumstances surrounding their birth.

I'd be honored to be part of your baby's birth

Join me for a private online class, to delve into the following aspects of childbirth:

  • stages and phases of labor
  • physiology and hormones of labor
  • when to go to the hospital or birth center
  • comfort measures and positions conducive to labor
  • informed decision making
  • potential restrictions and interventions
  • various pain management techniques
  • breastfeeding/bottle-feeding
  • neonatal protocols and preferences
  • newborn care
  • emotional and physical adjustments postpartum
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